Decision criteria

Decision criteria



The decision characteristics of private consumers


Private consumers take their decision with nearly 100% on the basis of the visible characteristics of a dish. The unvisible characteristics are minor matters or do not affect their decision at all. Mostly the visible characteristics are influencing their buying decision. 


  • Environment and point of sale of the offer
  • Presentation of wares
  • Design, type and und finish (personal taste) 
  • Price
  • Quality in relation to visible mistakes
  • Package of a product
  • Brand 
  • Availability guarantee


Exempt from this list are precised re-purchases of current production lines! The private consumer consumes incalculable, with different motives for different reasons.



The decision characteristics of commercial consumer


The commercial consumer decides mostly due to invisible characteristics, which he mostly derives through origin, brand or visual inspection.


  • Intended purpose
  • Duration of usage
  • Design, type and finish (personal taste) 
  • Brand 
  • Price
  • Monopoly & innovation
  • Compatibility with stock
  • Qualification characteristics 
  • Easy servicing
  • Durability & stability



Thereby the following, invisible characteristics of dish have a little to none impact on buying decisions or are quite naturally assumed:

  • Types of production
  • Quality of the body
  • Composition of the glaze
  • Degree of whiteness (dish without decal)
  • Migration and transmission of substances to food
  • Ofenproof, thermal shock durability
  • Hardness and stability of the glaze (corrosion behaviour)
  • Heat storage capacity
  • Contamination and hygiene behaviour
  • Consumption of dishwashing liquids 
  • Longevity of the ware
  • Impact resistance
  • Later purchase periods
  • Country of production
  • Sustainability of production
  • Energybalance of the product
  • Social standards of producers (z.B. BSCI)
  • Compliance to law (z.B. Eichgesetz, LFGB, Produkthaftungsgesetz)
  • Resale value


Exempt from this list are precise re-purchases of current production lines! 



This missing knowledge and also defective information by dish providers about their ware are responsible, that the commercial consumer buys a lot of substandard ware. This knowledge about decision characteristics or their amount of unexplained factors are the fundament for the necessity to work out the  characteristics of ceramic quality classes. Read more.