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Welcome to Holst Porzellan/Germany and the world of "Simple & Strong" Porcelain! This website contains more than 4,000 articles and ideas as a holistic collection and is dedicated to professional hosts like hotels, restaurants and catering sectors as well as to all friends of culinary delights. Porcelain of mainly handicraft origin combined with a high technical German competence - since 1928 - and all of this in a good price level - this is Holst Porzellan/Germany. Our professional harness meets the high standards of commercial use in terms of quality and design and was developed with great attention to detail for the professional using. This website is conceived above all as a think tank with the requirement of an expert product and application information and is intended to convey to retailers and end customers suggestions and innovations in the field of the hospitality arts in white porcelain.



The section "Assortment (A-Z)" shows our assortment structured in the classical groups of items which help to get the most fastest overview in this big collection of 4.000 items and ideas. Good to know that all items are able to combine with each other like one big series.  



A limited Sale within really cheap prices you'll find in our section "Bestprice" and "2nd Choice" for our items, which cannot be sold in regular quality, or overstock outgoing or other reasons to make a big Sale. 



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This English website is mainly focused for the finding importers, wholesalers and re-sellers in


  • England
  • Netherland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Bulgaria


but of course all Hotels, Restaurants and all memebers of the catering industry are warmly welcome to order here. 

All displayed prices are calculated as the selling store price for commercial end user (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering). Our trading partners and re-sellers will work with a powerful discount which will makes the trade in our assortment also as an fruitful enterprise in Porcelain and Tableware. Our German Brand - established since 1955 - is a guarantor for German Design, High Function, German Quality Management and the European culture of pleasure on private and professional tables and kitchens.


Please get in contact with us to get your special offer and general discount. 


Yours Holst Team



Here you'll find the acual SALE-Highlights of the week

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