High Alumina Porcelain

High Alumina Porcelain


Germany's Holst Porzellan is a leading star of German porcelain industry, has been persistent and committed for many years, using the world's top German porcelain technology to break the deadlock in the porcelain tableware industry throughout the hotel, restaurant, catering (HoReCa) industry and succeed in Germany and throughout Europe. Sincerity hopes to share achievements with Asian peers and seek common profits and extra business. We are writing to you (the industry leader), and we hope to have the opportunity to meet and seek cooperation on our high alumina porcelain.

Porcelain tableware deadlock

Conventional porcelain tableware in the HoReCa industry is commonly easy to break and chip. It will rupture when the temperature difference is large. The glazed surface has insufficient anti-wear strength, and it is heavy and difficult to transfer. These inconveniences have not been solved in the past hundreds of years, which has hindered the wider use of porcelain tableware in the HoReCa industry. And has made porcelain increasingly unsuitable for today's ever-changing kitchen equipment.


Break the deadlock

At present, the supply of porcelain tableware in the professional HoReCa industry is stagnation in the sluggishness of oversupply and unsuitability. Germany's Holst Porzellan, a leading star in the German porcelain industry, has been persistently committed to investing for many years, using the world's top German porcelain technology to break the deadlock. The effective introduction and addition of alumina in porcelain blocks composed of kaolin, feldspar and quartz gives great physical strength, higher flexural strengthand finer quality. The Holst High Alumina Porcelain tableware is no longer easy to break, under big range of temperature difference is not broken, the surface wear resistance becomes extremely high, and it is much thinner, lighter, finer and elegant. As a result, German Holst Porzellan enjoyed a drastic sales growth in the German-speaking countries and neighboring countries, and the users praised us. The following three hard facts represent the essential difference to conventional quality porcelain and thus guarantee our distributors a much better business.


Alumina-Porzellan-Fine-Dining-Beschriftung-Holst-Porzellan Alumina-Porzellan-Karina-Beschriftung-Holst-Porzellan
Alumina-Porzellan-Fine-Dining-Schmuckbild-Holst-Porzellan Alumina-Porzellan-Karina-Schmuckbild-Holst-Porzellan
Alumina-Porzellan-Style-Beschriftung-Holst-Porzellan Alumina-Porzellan-Vital-Level-Beschriftung-Holst-Porzellan
Sortiment-Teller-Platten-Holst-Porzellan Alumina-Porzellan-Vital-Level-Schmuckbild-Holst-Porzellan
Alumina-Porzellan-Hramony-Beschriftung-Holst-Porzellan Alumina-Porzellan-Platte-rund-33-cm-Beschriftung-Holst-Porzellan
Alumina-Porzellan-Harmony-Schmuckbild-Holst-Porzellan Alumina-Porzellan-Pizzateller-Schmuckbild-Holst-Porzellan
Alumina-Porzellan-Steakteller-oval-30-cm-Beschriftung-Holst-Porzellan Alumina-Porzellan-Skagen-Beschriftung-Holst-Porzellan
Alumina-Porzellan-Steakplatte-oval-Schmuckbild-Holst-Porzellan Alumina-Porzellan-Skagen-Schmuckbild-Holst-Porzellan



Kantenschlag-Holst-Porzellan Temperaturschockbestaendig-Holst-Porzellan
Chipping Resistance Thermoshock Resistance

By means of the internationally recognized ""UK Impact Test Hammer for Test Performing"" method, we guarantee an edge impact resistance of> 0.6080 joules for our High Alumina porcelain. This value was measured with a 0.19 kg hammer on a 0.62meter long pendulum with a pre-set impact angle of 70 °. In the same test procedure, conventional flat parts made of hard porcelain could no longer withstand an impact angle of 50 °. As a result, edge impact resistance is around 40% higher than that of ""normal"" porcelain. Impressive demonstrations can be seen in our Video at the bottom of this page)

Official laboratory tests of our High Alumina porcelain certify that the thermal resistance is extremely high even in extreme temperature ranges. Heated up to 215 ° C, High Alumina survives direct thermal shock in 15 ° C cold water - and vice versa! This extraordinary test result was confirmed with 10 different plates in 25 different test series. Thus, in terms of commercial use in regenerating, heating, keeping warm and baking the High Alumina porcelain is often superior to conventional feldspar porcelain. We personally tested it for you: Video (at the bottom of this page).

Please note  

1 Joule [J] = 1 Newtonmeter [N·m]

0,608 Joule = 0,608 Newtonmeter

0,1 Joule = 0,1 Newtonmeter

0,1 Joule = 1,112650056 x 10-18 Kilogramm

Schnittfestigkeit-Holst-Porzellan-2 Preis
Surface Resistance The Price

The laboratory surface load test in the method ""UK digital metal marker"" confirms our High Alumina resistance to abrasion of up to 500 gms at a weight of 38 kg. Even after 50 test series, the laboratory confirms: No optical changes to be detected. This proves that our high alumina porcelain can also be compared to conventional feldspar porcelain in terms of surface resistance and, above all, differs from many other competitors in terms of its hardness. Many porcelain brands on the market have a much ""softer"" porcelain and do not reach these load values.


Zu dem Kreis der besonderen Produkteigenschaften zählt letztlich auch der Preis, denn diese Qualität mit ihren herausragenden Vorteilen ist nur unwesentlich teurer als das klassische Feldspatporzellan aus dem Hause Holst! Und natürlich erheblich günstiger als vergleichbares deutsches Markenporzellan!
Thanks to the high-tech, gives a significant competitive price to German Holst Porzellan's high-aluminum porcelain, our distributors have benefited a lot, and its high-tech breakthrough new material formula has met the cravings of the professional HoReCa industry for many years, opening up a broader market, so we are well-known for our reputation. Germany and Europe. We sincerely wish to promote to Asia, and we would like to meet with you to learn about our high alumina porcelain. We Sincerely hope that your company can make a meeting to meet.