Alumina Porcelain



Since 2018 "Alumina Porcelain" represents the second highest quality level of Holst Porzellan/Germany. As a modification of the "High Alumina Porcelain", we have succeeded in implementing the raw material composition formula in order to manufacture this quality level in conventional production facilities. Alumina Porcelain by Holst corresponds to the quality class of hard porcelain. Unlike ordinary porcelain, the kaolin contains about 28% reinforcing aluminum oxide. Although this is significantly less than with our high alumina, it is still enough to burn out the material much more strong than normal feldspar porcelain.


In addition to the individual perceptions of brilliance, color and similarity of the articles, the following usage properties represent the essential differences from conventional quality porcelain and thus guarantee users a much higher long-term value.



Fine Dining aus hochwertigem High Alumina Porzellan Paris line - made from Alumina Porcelain
Wood Design Porcelain






Product benefits & technical information





Alumina Porcelain was conceived as an improved level of hotel porcelain. Alumina Porcelain is also produced by the two-firing-process. The first firing called bisquit - is made in kilns about 1000 ° C for about 13 hours. The second firing we called glaze-firing heats up to 1320 - 1350 ° C for about 19 hours. Like the classic feldspar porcelain, Alumina also consists of classic raw porcelain raw materials such as kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Due to a special enrichment of additives, the strength and stability is higher than with normal hard porcelain, without losing the hardness of the glaze or body. German technology combined with our German quality management, as well as constant laboratory monitoring of the production guarantee a constant quality level of this porcelain for commercial use.




The combination of aluminum oxide with its eight enrichments of quartz-crystalline minerals and the high firing temperature gives the porcelain body a higher denseness and resistance against physical shock. The edge impact resistance of our alumina porcelain is considerably higher than that of conventional hotel porcelain. Under laboratory supervision and in application of DIN-EN-12980 we have determined the following load limits.





Alumina porcelain - in edge-reinforced hotel quality - is opposite ....

- Ordinary household porcelain is 888% more stable.
   That makes a factor of 9.8 more strong.

- Asian hotel porcelain in the mono-brand process is 534% more stable.
   That makes a factor of 6.4 more strong.

- European premium hotel porcelain in the two-brand process is 343% more stable.
   That makes a factor of 4.4 more strong.

- German premium hotel porcelain of the highest quality level, 154% more stable.
   That makes a factor 2.5 times more strong.




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