The Brand of Holst Porzellan/Germany







Our name established in 1928 for porcelain and tableware. Between 1955 and 1970 our items was branded with the trade mark "Bavaria Germany".



1997 the production of our collection expanded to capable foreign factories focused for the targets of each different market. The international competence of making high quality hotelware of Holst Porcelain grown up.



1998 we shipped the first items with our own brand of  "Holst Porzellan/Germany" to the domestic market. By establishing a completely independent collection made by international production partner factories, the establishment of our brand begins to deepen the ideology "simply & strong" in porcelain and tableware.



Our aim is a well shaped design with a maximum of function and suitability for the professional HoReCa industry. Our target customers are located between 1.5 and 4.5 stars Hotels and Restaurants. We did not make hotelware for professionals, we do together with them. In our opinion, quality in commercial use does not consist of perfection, but of the ideal of stability, function and price, because porcelain remains as a tool for kitchen and food.



Our developments in more stable kinds of porcelain, unique decors and structures, lift off our tableware out from the common market and we have our own distinctive profile of tableware. While tableware is becoming cheaper and worse worldwide, we follow our success in more functionality, better durability and porcelain with longevity. Not cheap, but strong in price. Not perfect, but good. Not unique, but constant.



You can find out more about our collection on our homepage.






我們的瓷器和餐具名稱成立於1928年,在1955年到1970年間,我們的商品都帶有商標“ Bavaria Germany”。





1998年,我們以自己的品牌“ Holst Porzellan /德國”運送了第一批產品到國內市場。通過建立由國際生產合作夥伴工廠製作的完全獨立的産品,我們的品牌逐漸加深了對瓷器和餐具中“簡單而牢固”的理念。