Responsibility for our customers


The citation of Otto von Bismarck (first German Chancellor) was written as early as 1870. "Aversion to responsibility is a disease of our time". We do not want to relate this whiteness to ourselves and, above all, to our work and our collection!



Responsibility for our clients




Placing a product on the market which is determined to come into contact with food comes with a great responsibility towards its clients and users.

We take our responsibility extremely serious and with great care so that all our products comply with the guidelines of the LFGB and don’t transmit toxic substances on food items. To reach this we assign neutral laboratories to determine the limiting values of our products.

But we don’t test them once! Especially latest collections are tested frequently, because in each production crucial factors might vary. The following video will prove we put more weight in the health of our clients than in economic interests of our company.





Responsibility for our environment




We make sure that our production is environmentally friendly. Porcelain, which is still fired in coal burning stoves was withdrawn from our collection. We make a point in correct filtration, utilization of waste heat and an environmentally acceptable disposal of production waste, as also a clean manufactoring environment. Unnecessary packaging waste like gift boxes and costly displays are completely denied by our company. More information about our manufactoring locations and their criteria you will find on the production site (link here).



Responsibilities for workers




Child labor and prisoner work is an absolute taboo for us! Compliance with social standards based on national conditions is most important for us! Health and workplace safety is part of our regular monitoring of manufacturing locations which produce our Holst Porcelain. We think poorly of "FDA" and "BSCI" and don't let their seal be the only confirmation. From our experience a BSCI seal doesn't deliver what it promises. Therefore we prefer to conduct audits of our companies by our own personnel.