Original Equipment Manufacturer - Holst porcelain also produces for well-known brands!

An important business area of Holst porcelain/Germany is the realisation and production of OEM items. Original equipment Manufacturer refers to the development and manufacturing competence provided by a third-party brand. Many brand manufacturers transplantation industries also sell goods of ceramic origin within their brand or market competence. Be it roasteries, who distribute their own coffee cups, fashion label with matching dishes to lingerie and themes or stainless steel manufacturers who need special porcelain vessels for their warming systems. The small porcelain bunny pendant of a well-known German chocolate brand is also an OEM product!





When it comes to the realisation of OEM shops, we meet the requirements of our customers and go where our expertise is desired. It is irrelevant whether it is a whole porcelain service, or just individual articles. On behalf of our customers, from the idea to the gift packed product directly into the trade as a service provider exactly what one expects from us.       


Idea Design            
Brainstorming Composition Planung          
Briefing Concept CAD Produktion        
CAD Denomination Announcement Definition Transport      
Optinization Packing Moulding BSCI Domestic Trans Einfuhr    
Budgeting Copyright Samples Audits & Q.C. fob THC Konformität  
Realization Implementation Tests Finance Cont. CNF Customs Full Service Kommissionierung  


Our business principles prohibit the disclosure of a reference list at this point. A performance factor that is important for our OEM customers is above all discretion! We therefore allow ourselves to be determined that in the course of our company history we have supplied many well-known brands with ceramic products since 1955 and are currently in production. We handle about half of our business volume as OEM goods with or without a floor mark.




There are many advantages to why companies rely on OEM partners. Most of them are based on the factors Security, trust and reliability! Even international retail chains with their own purchasing offices in the Far East are relying on our procurement expertise when it comes to particularly sensitive or sensitive products and projects. The reasons for this are our extremely high competence in the field of porcelain and ceramic products, as well as our personal presence.

In addition, we are in constant exchange of experience with important representatives and representatives of foreign industrial associations, chambers of commerce and authorities. In most cases, we recognize the delivery difficulties before the start of production. We equip all important collections with a "B-plan-variant" (City / Province / Country) and cooperate with customers to develop their ideal intersection of price and security. Every factory is under constant control by our team! Holst Porcelain offers a powerful import price level with German contact persons and a German quality management. Whoever orders from us does not hold his head to any stranger!