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Holst Porzellan/Germany is a family company that has been established since 1928. We would not have become so old if we had not fulfilled the expectations of our customers. We would not be so successful if we did not fulfil our promises. 






Porzellan Store & Outlet Halle Westfalen

Lange Straße 69
33790 Halle (Westf.)
Telefon: 05201 7356291



Porzellan Store & Outlet Köln

Luxemburger Str. 329
50939 Köln
Telefon: 0221 589 862 73


Holst Porzellan at Amazon Online


You can also buy Holst Porzellan/Germany in the German Amazon Shop. However, the offer is limited and many articles from our special sale are not offered there. 


Holst Porzellan Amazon Store


70% des Sortimentes von Holst Porzellan finden Sie als Privatkunde bei Amazon.