Jug "Teardrops" 10 cm

Jug "Teardrops" 10 cm

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Jug "Teardrops" 10 cm
L 10,0 x B 6,0 x H 4,1 cm, C 0,07 l



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This item is made of feldspar porcelain, one of the oldest and most proven materials for degusting and presenting food and hot drinks. Because of the high firing temperature and the resulting hardness and density, it is also called hard porcelain. Feldspar porcelain is always oven-safe, suitable for the microwave and dishwasher-safe.


This item is classified into the medium quality level Basic with a ratio of approx. 85/15 a-b-Grade. The glaze is even and shiny. Minor visual faults on the surface do not affect the look-and-feel nor the intended use. At this quality level we compare ourselves with Tognana, Churchill, Kahla, Seltmann, Mitterteich, Vega, Lubiana and other well-known brands in the market.


at least 3000 rinses



Temperature resistance

till +300° C


Holst Porzellan/Germany

Bottom Style

Plane bottom for the optimal transfer of contact heat.


L 10,0 x B 6,0 x H 4,0 cm, C 0,10 l
All dimensions and volumes are approximate.

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GTIN pc 4260037365947
GTIN Setbox 4260037366951
GTIN Masterbox 4260037376417
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