Occasionally, one would like to that which you choose, even to touch, test and evaluate. Especially in restaurants and large-scale catering it comes  to the appropriate size, the right shape, or whether the product really is suitable for the purpose intended. Since no little pictures and no matter how good description of the article is enough. One must before buying some products  simply pick it up ! afor we fully understand and offer all our commercial customers' Ansichts pattern service (*) "at. But the stress of a pattern services costs money and time. No restaurateur host a guest for free, just because it represents an event with 30 people in view. In other words, we simply ask for a fair treatment  and  reasonable choice  at  your sample request . ls G around this rule Ü granting g ilt  for us , the customer with real intent to purchase this  sample service for its e enable ECISION without resulting in customers without intent to purchase a financial S to suffer chaden. The following actions please note in the pattern process.


  • Please do not order your pattern over the usual ordering process in the online shop, but send us a separate  email , fax (05201 849552) or a message via  our contact form You can also use our Wish List function to provide an appropriate selection together and send them to us.
  • As a sample quantity is only valid one (1) piece with the exception of stacking dishes. In Stapelware we also accept the amount of two (2) as a sample amount.
  • Patterns are generally paid by the customer unless they thoroughly within 28 days with us - be returned or the process is completed by subsequent order - free shipping.
  • Sample invoices <EUR 10, -. + VAT we write perfectly fine if a subsequent order> EUR 120, -. + VAT received by us within 28 days.
  • Sample invoices <EUR 20, -. + VAT we write perfectly fine if a subsequent order> EUR 250, -. + VAT received by us within 28 days.
  • Sample invoices <EUR 30, -. + VAT we write completely well, s ofern a result Order> EUR 400, - + VAT received by us within 28 days..
  • Sample Invoices> EUR 40, -. + VAT are basically no more sample shipments.


Have questions about patterns or require further advice about a product, so our team is always at your disposal.

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(*) As "Ansichtsm beauty" to mean the transfer of an item to a commercial end-user wants to enter after detailed examination of our range for this webshop, based on appearance, shape, color, content and price in a concrete purchase intention and to want to make a purchase decision criterion a personal inspection of the product to secure the upcoming investment accordingly. The business practices of a "standard amount" and an "economic activity" as they are usually maintained by the trader is to be observed. As commercial quantities neither 6 plates of a size and shape, yet each 1 dish of 8 different series apply. An economic action does not apply if a customer for the purchase of 6 pudding molds with a value of 8.50? triggers a screening process,